Basics of Sous Vide

This is a French word that describes under vacuum. lt is a controlled temperature type of cooking method. This type of cooking method involves the placement of food in a vacuum sealed plastic polythene and placed under water bath, steam or an oven which enables regulation of temperature. Cooking is done for longer hours compared to the normal hours mostly 1 to 7 hours. The temperature is regulated lower than the normal cooking temperature. This is an intention to cook the food evenly and to avoid overcooking and moisture is retained, as explained by the SousVide Masters.

This cooking technique is used in high restaurants such as is also used by top chefs who include; Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter. Some trains such as Arcela express uses this method for meals served to their passengers. This is because this cooking method is much easier to use because the food is sealed and placed in a water bath or an oven with the desired temperature. The method is also important for its consistency in results because the food is cooked in a certain temperature and for a specific time. The food retains its natural taste because it cooks in its own juice and retains its moisture. This enhances the tenderness of the food.

There is no worry about overcooking because when the food reaches a set temperature, it holds it at that specific temperature, unlike the traditional cooking method where constant attention is required to ensure that the food is cooked well.

The food cooked using this method maintains its volume, unlike the traditional cooking method where some food like meat loses up to 40% of its volume due to drying. This is advantageous because of its tender and full of flavor results. It is mostly used in cooking foods like beef, seafood and poultry. This helps in ensuring a consistent temperature in the cooking of food. The sealed bag creates a humid environment for food which enhances moisture content is maintained. This type of cooking method also results in tasty and satisfying beef meals.

This Sous Vide method ensures that the food cooks evenly without overcooking on either side.

This method is cheaper, and it is also easier to use in cooking large amounts of food. It is also safe since the polythene used in wrapping food placed in an oven or water bath are safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Food safety is also guaranteed in this method of cooking since the temperature in which the food cooks also helps in killing pathogens, and it also enhances longer lasting periods of the food.

This method of cooking should be encouraged in most restaurants since it is the best. Compared to the traditional method of cooking, this enhances tasty and tender food.

This method also results in cooking large amounts of food at a particular time, and it enhances quality and quantity of food.You should also give it a try, and experience the tasty, satisfying nature of food especially beef. This is one of the best methods of cooking in the recent world, and the traditional methods of cooking should be done away especially in large restaurants because everyone needs to experience the taste of the natural flavor and tenderness of food.