Can you get an ID without a birth certificate or social security card

A nationalization is an important event in the identification of a person when the required age is reached. In many countries throughout the world, it is a requirement for each and every individual to have an identification card at a certain age. The card is a unique identification of the person and it allows the person to be recognized as a citizen of a certain country.

It is used to relate the person with it identity information such as the names, address, and Identity card number, date of births, age, gender and citizenship among others. Although in most of the countries this document is a must for personal identification there are some countries which allow the use of driver`s license for identification. To acquire the identification card there are some documents which are required which allow the authority to verify your information before going ahead to print the document, get help fromĀ if you need it.

Most people still find themselves in dilemma of whether they can in a way acquire an ID without a birth certificate or a social security. The answer is a big no. These assorted documents are very vital for the purpose of identity, therefore, you cannot get an ID without them as you cannot be identified who you are. Once you present these documents during ID application, then definitely you will be approved for it an assured of acquiring an ID.

Besides identification, social security card also serves the purpose of containing personal finances. In most cases, the social security code is always a nine-digit code which is used by the government to store information about the history of an individual work. The number is also used by the government to keep records of your contribution to the social security. This is used to determine the amount of money to be paid by the government when you retire.

The process of acquiring social security card is not such a complicated one, it involves a few simple steps. First download the application form online or obtain a copy from a nearby social security office. Fill the form and provide a reason for your application making sure that the information provided is accurate and valid to avoid rejection. In the application process, one is required to provide original copies of some necessary documents.

A birth certificate is another vital document that is mostly required the prior application of other important documents. This document is used for identification purposes. The process of obtaining is also easy and one should not have an excuse for not having it. It takes a few steps such as filling an online form or getting a copy from the birth registration office. A birth certificate in most of the countries is given at birth and contains the names of the person and importantly the birth certificate number among other important information.

Identification of an individual is very important which requires documentation using the information of that individual. Acquisition of an ID requires an individual to have some documents that are relevant to giving the information. An individual cannot acquire the ID without having both the social security card and birth certificate. However, for those who are yet to acquire the identification cards, it is advisable that they first should possess a birth certificate as well as the social security card.