Donate Your Furniture – Make The World A Happier Place

We all come across that time in our lives when we decide that our furniture is way too old fashioned, or maybe a bit too worn down for our taste. And of course, many of us just like changing our furniture for the sake of changing it. But, no matter what the case be, in order to get new furniture, we need to get rid of the older stuff. However, before disposing of all the old stuff, or selling it on eBay, the one thing we should think about is, ‘What if we donate this furniture to a organisation like Pick Up Please Hialeah?’.

When changing our furniture, or getting rid of the old stuff, what crosses most of our minds is, ‘just stick it to the curb.’ Because why should we bother with all the dropping our stuff to thrift shops or donating it to charity organizations when we can just leave it out for someone else to grab. Well, we should. Always remember that every piece of furniture that you donate can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. For you, it is an old piece of trash, but for a homeless man, a drug addict, a shelter less person, a refugee or even someone who just lost his job, this furniture means the world. The bed which is small for your kid now can be the bed a poor woman puts her three children to sleep on. You may not like your old dining table anymore, but a charity school can use it to teach 15 kids properly. Or maybe the chair with the broken back cannot be used at your home anymore, but how amazing would it be if the same chair was taken by a jobless man whose mother cannot sit on the ground?

What we all need to realize is that what we do not need anymore cannot benefit us anymore. But it can help the people who cleaned that furniture for us every day, who carved the wood on our furniture, who worked tirelessly in steel industries to make that one piece of rod used in our table. We are not wasting our furniture by giving it back; we are giving it to charity. Many people use not having a car or truck or even time, as an excuse for not donating their furniture. Well, our charity organizations from all around the country have solved this issue for us too. Now, charity organizations are ready to pick up disposed furniture from our houses for free. The government has even declared that for each piece of furniture you donate, you could cut the current fair market value from your taxes. All you need is a receipt from the charity organization you are donating to which enlists the price of the furniture being donated, and you get deductions from your taxes.

Most of the charity organizations look for the elderly, disabled, and severely poor people. The most popular charity organizations at the moment are GoodWill and Salvation Army; they take your furniture and check a list of nationwide needy people. If there is someone who needs your furniture, they get it for free, but if they don’t the furniture is given to thrift shops, and 90% of the money received by that is given for career development programs. But you don’t have to look so far either. You can always just donate that all to the local homeless shelters, or the Battered Women’s shelters which help abused women and their children establish themselves, or even to your local church which would find deprived people and give them what they need form your furniture. All we need is a heart which wishes to help others, a good will, and determination to help those who need it.